Couple Collects A Mountain Of Cans

Couple Collects A Mountain Of Cans
What began as a way of save money to pay vet bills has now turned into quite a hobby for one Cannon County couple.

Thomas and Molly Cunningham, who live on Old Murfreesboro Rd., have a collection of what they estimate to be over 250,000 aluminum cans in their yard.

Molly Cunningham said she and her husband began collecting the cans after they acquired a Blue Heeler, who was ill.

"Our idea was to collect the cans, save them, and pay vet bills," Molly said. "We collected about $500 worth and then she got sick. The vet got that, and after I spent it she passed away. I would have given my life for her."

Then another dog, this one a Red Heeler, came into the picture.

"No one wanted her, so she ended up here," Molly said. "I told my husband we better start collecting more cans in case she gets sick."

Fortunately that hasn't happened, but the can collecting has continued.

The Cunninghams said their day starts out between two and three o'clock each morning when they get in their truck and start walking parks, roads and visiting beer joints looking for discarded cans.

"It's a lot of work and a lot of hours, but it's also good exercise and it gives us something to do," Molly said.

Molly said that at some point they will begin selling the cans again, bagging them and taking to Pelham's and exchange them for cash.