Couple Charged In Ham & Cheese Heist

A Woodbury couple was recently arrested for allegedly stealing food items from a local grocery store.

Charged with taking a ham and two packs of cheese from Osborne’s Bi-Rite are Bethany H. Tate (aka Beth Elrod) and Courtne G. Elrod, both of 106 West Water St.

Warrants allege that Courtne Elrod distracted employees at the store while Beth Elrod took the items. They both left the store without paying.

When confronted at their home by law enforcement, Beth Elrod reluctantly gave the stolen good to officers. She cited “financial strain” as the reason for taking the items.

Both suspects were charged with theft under $500 by Woodbury Patrolman John Fesmire. Bond for each was set at $500. Initial court date is March 29.