County Spelling Bee Set For Monday At East Side School

The county Spelling Bee will be held February 8th at East Side School. It will begin at 6:00. Trophies will be given for the top two spellers. Certificates will be given to all participants. State competition will be in March.

Here are the local school winners:

East Side - 1st Jake Hoskins, 2nd Shelbie Campbell, 3rd Kayleena Deer, 4th Graden Strang, 5th Katie Hoskins

Woodbury Grammar - 1st Allison Smith, 2nd Tyler Gilley, 3rd Colby Hunt, 4th Cole Barnes, 5th Robert Norrod

West Side - 1st Katie Hickman, 2nd Breanna Hatcher, 3rd Elleana Sissom, 4th Cassie Pelham, 5th Kyle Margarito

Short Mountain - 1st Ashlyn Ellis, 2nd Carla Kurth, 3rd Whitney Murphy, 4th Tori Tate, 5th Molly Williams

Auburn - 1st Brandon Harper, 2nd Paige Tenpenny, 3rd Marshall McReynolds, 4th Reagen Scott, 5th Hunter Sandlin

Woodland did not participate.