Compost made easy for anyone

Compost made easy for anyone | Compost, organic farming feature

A recipe for Cannon County compost

Making compost is really quite simple, according to Cannon County organic farmers Christian Graham and Vince Oropeso.

You pick a spot to make your compost-next to a fence works well. Then if you want to keep your pile neat, you build a couple of short fences about six feet apart, attached to the main fence. 

Next, pile grass clippings and leaves in the fenced-off area. You can also add vegetable peelings and scraps. 

About once a week, turn the pile. A pitch fork works well for this step. When the vegetable matter looks like rich black dirt, it's ready. 

Use it in place of fertilizer on flower beds and garden spots. Use it for potting soil, or just spread it over your yard for the greenest, best-looking lawn in town. 

Compost can also help keep your lawn greener, since it helps it survive drought in better shape.

You'll be helping the environment and saving money. 

-- Connie Esh