Commissioners vote to reclaim emergency gear

County Commissioners voted to reclaim all the federally-funded emergency equipment currently being held at the home of Faye Morse, former Office of Emergency Management director.

The vote was the latest action against Morse. In 2012, the County Commission voted to take several actions against Morse. She was dismissed from Cannon County's Homeland Security Committee and her funding was reduced to $5. Phone lines were discontinued as well.

At the time, Morse did resign as Cannon County Fire Chief, but all the equipment including trucks and trailers and radio gear remained at her home on private property.

Tim Bell, current chairman of Cannon County Homeland Security, spoke to the commission.

"We tried and tried to work with her to no avail," Bell said. "I'm sorry that it has come to this."

Bell asked the Commission to send Morse a certified letter demanding the return of the equipment and if not, legal action will be taken.

"This has gone on too many years," Bell said.

County Executive Mike Gannon asked the commission to "give me a couple of weeks and I will try to get a peaceful resolution to this."

However, the Commission voted unanimously to notify Morse that she has 14 days to comply.

Meanwhile, Bell will meet with the District Attorney General's office to began the process of taking Morse to court.