Commission upholds Beer Board ruling

Cannon County Commissioners voted to uphold a Beer Board ruling declining a beer permit for Short Mountain Market.

"For me personally, it is a moral issue, not a dollars and cents issue," said Commissioner Kevin George.

The point is there is a limit between churches and cemeteries and stores that sell beer, said Commission Chairman Bob Stoetzel.

"I'm not ready to change this limit," Stoetzel said.

The commission voted, with the exception of Commissioner Russell Reed, to decline the permit.

Discussion turned to implementing more security policies at Cannon County Schools.

"This is actually being worked out between Homeland Security and the County Schools," said County Executive Mike Gannon.

A machine, owned by Homeland Security, could be used to create some 2,300 security passes for Cannon County students, teachers and other personnel.

The only cost will be materials.

Barbara Parker, schools superintendent, said the cards will contain a photo, name and other information and can also be used to govern door logs and other functions at schools.

The County Commissioners also approved an application for state funding for a walking trail that will encircle the fairgrounds in Woodbury.

"There's no guarantee that will we get it, but it would be a great addition to the fairgrounds," Gannon said.

Initial plans call for a paved track that will measure 1 1/10 mile and that will include lighting and benches.