COMMENTARY: Bashing All Sports

KEVIN HALPERN, Courier Co-Editor

Obviously I am not intelligent enough to figure out a solution for every problem.

Then again, I've never met anyone who was.

However, if I were, I might start with the Cannon County Athletic Council.

It's experiencing a few problems these days. One big one has to do with money, as in not having as much as it needs.

There's not much help I can offer in that area, although I do have some ideas I might share at some point and time.

Another challenge facing the council is one of cohesiveness and participation.

While it's intent is to be an organization which benefits all sports in the community, for various reasons its main focus has been on football.

Basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, golf and tennis have not seen, or been shown, how their involvement will benefit their programs and players, and have gone their own way.

Athletic council and school officials have committed to holding discussions on how to go about making the organization one which is more inclusive of and beneficial to all sports.

I'd like to see representatives of Woodbury, Auburntown and Cannon County governments, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, involved in the discussions as well. The Athletic Council has the potential to do things which will benefit the physical fitness of all citizens of the county.

I have already thought of one simple step toward achieving the goal of togetherness.

Friday night on the Woodbury Town Square, hundreds of people turned out for a Fall Football BBQ Bash to kickoff the start of football season. The primary point of the event was to introduce the players who will be performing on the gridiron in the weeks and months to come.

I've not heard whether there will be similar Athletic Council showcases when basketball season rolls around in a few months, or Spring sports next year, but given the community enthusiasm on display Friday night, it certainly seems worth considering.

And a big step toward building bridges.