Check Out: Election Administrator Examines All Cannon Polling Places

Check Out: Election Administrator Examines All Cannon Polling Places

Stanley Dobson, Cannon County Administrator of Elections, measures the height of the entry step to the Auburntown Community Center Thursday.
Cannon County Administrator of Elections Stanley Dobson spent all of Thursday morning driving around the county, but it wasn't a pleasure trip.

Dobson drove over 125 miles as he visited polling places ranging from Auburntown to Woodland.

The purpose of the trip around the county was to examine polling places to make sure they are accessible to voters who are disabled or have mobility problems.

Dobson went to Woodbury Grammar School, Woodland Elementary School, East Side Elementary School, Gassaway Community Center, Auburntown Community Center and West Side Elementary.

At each polling location Dobson conducted door measurements and also measured the steepness of ramps which lead to where voting booths will be located within the buildings.

He also informed personnel at each location that voting machines will be delivered to them the day before the General Election, and that election workers will need to have access to the buildings an hour before voting begins.

The General Election is set for Thursday, Aug. 5. Voting begins at each location at 7 a.m.