CCHS Gets Set For Solar Car Competition 2010

CCHS Gets Set For Solar Car Competition 2010

Kelli Merriman and Grady Tenpenny are ready to race this week.
The parking lot of Cannon County High School will be filled with race cars one day this week, in what might look like a mini Indy car event.

Two classes at the school, Maxine Dawson's Physics and Bill Bowman's Agricultural Science, have joined forces to stage Solar Car Competition 2010.

The objective of the competition is to design and build a solar-powered vehicle that will complete a race in a given time period.

The event is in recognition of Earth Day 2010, which is Thursday, but Dawson said Tuesday the race may be held Wednesday morning instead because rain is expected Thursday.

Participating teams were provided a solar panel, a motor and a set of wheels. The teams were urged to use other recycled materials in construction of the solar-powered vehicles.

The length of the racetrack is 34 feet.

A prize of $25 will be awarded to the point leader. Additional prize categories are: fastest, greatest distance in a straight line, and best design.