CCHS Entrepreneurship Class, Chamber Plan Shopping Survey

In conjunction with the Cannon County Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneurship class is developing a survey.

The survey will target the products unattainable in the county. The goal is to promote products made and sold in Cannon County. Students will develop questions intended to improve the shopping experience and cultivate more local businesses.

The survey will consist of 10 to 15 questions relating to shopping experiences in the county. The community will be encouraged to respond to the survey with hopes of improving goods and services within the county. This survey will hopefully provide a link for consumers to identify the products that they would like to see more of in the county.

Look for this survey in the next issues of the Cannon Courier. It will go on for two weeks, both online and in print. Mr. Larson’s Entrepreneurship class will summarize the results in the following issue of the Courier.