CCHS Band Selling Paintings Of Old Gym To Raise Funds

CCHS Band Selling Paintings Of Old Gym To Raise Funds
Cannon County High School Band members are selling paintings of the CHS Gym, circa 1927-1948, as a fundraiser.

When the CHS Gymnasium was constructed, it didn't have plumbing, but at the time it was the best to be had. It brought lots of joy, laughter, winners, happiness, defeat, sportsmanship and tears to all.

The Gymnasium had been lost in time, just a vague memory to those who has spent time there, until a snap shot was found, and Mrs. Rachel Parker did a painting of this wonderful piece of Cannon County history in the Spring of 2010.

The first 100 pictures are 5 X 7 and 8 1/2 X 11 1/2 in size, and are numbered 1 thru 100. These are collector pieces, so go to any of the places listed below and be one of the first to purchase this gorgeous piece of art and a part of Cannon County history.

The pictures can be purchased at the following locations:

First National Bank — 615-563-8011
Cannon County Board of Education — 615-563-5752.
Cannon County High School — 615-563-2144.
Or and Cannon County High School Band Member

Order by Mail at:

CCHS — "ATTN: Mr. Porter"
1 Lion Drive
Woodbury, TN 37190


Ship To:




Quantity: ___ Picture with mat 5 X 7, $16 each, plus $4.00 S & H   $______

Quantity: ___ Picture with mat 8 1/2  X 11 1/2, $34 each, plus $8.00 S & H   $______

Sorry cannot guarantee picture numbers

Make check or money order payable to: CCHS General Funds

Allow 3-4 Weeks delivery. No COD's please.

The Gymnasium (information inscribed on back of painting)

In 1927, work was begun on a new gymnasium for the students of Cannon County. The project was funded by private donations. The total cost of the building was $2300.

This new building was considered to be state of the art at the time of its completion. The walls were made of low grade hardwood flooring purchased in McMinnville. It was heated by coal with a furnace under the bleachers which blew the warm air upwards.

In 1935, the school burned. The gymnasium was divided into classrooms and used as the school until the new school was completed in 1937. Because the students had to sit on bleachers during class, this was the only time girls were allowed to wear pants during their school years.

As time went by, the roof began to leak. The cheerleaders were responsible for wiping up the puddles that formed when it rained. They did this in order to prevent a fall which resulted in a terrible floor burn.

In 1947, the county sold the gymnasium to Mr. B.F. Downing for $1.00. He had to tear it down and move the materials so that the new gym could be built. Some of the materials were used in a house on Doolittle Road that still stands today. The county replaced the gymnasium with Veteran's Memorial Gym, which was completed in 1950.

We would like to express our appreciation to Mrs. Hixie Oliver Dowdy, age 101. Mrs. Hixie, who ws a senior, is the only surviving Cannon Countian who was in school at the time that the gymnasium was constructed.

Mr. Bill Smith, Mrs. Wilma Jo Melton, Ms. Christine Dillon, Mr. Bob Curlee, Mrs. Kate Davenport Mears each shared memories of the gymnasium. We would also like to thank Mrs. Jean Hollis Harris for donating the picture for this drawing. The photographer was her mother, Mrs. Rebecca Hollis.