Cannon County Outdoor Club Hikes Savage Gulf

Cannon County Outdoor Club Hikes Savage Gulf
The Cannon County High School Outdoor Club traveled to the Savage Gulf State Natural Area Saturday (Feb. 26) and hiked six miles from the Stone Door overlook to Upper and Lower Greeter Falls.

Savage Gulf is part of the South Cumberland Recreation Area near Grundy County. Savage Gulf is carved like a giant crows foot into the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau.

Stone Door is giant crack in the bed rock that Indians used for centuries as a way to ascend from the gorge to the plateau.

Savage Gulf is as wild and beatiful as it's name with spectacular overlooks and numerous waterfalls cascading down the canyons.

Hikers included T.J. Paul, James Young, Charles Steeleman, Jamie Barber, Jason Taggart, Doug King and Marc Larson.

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