Cannon County IDB restructures

The Cannon County Industrial Development Board met on Monday, August 13, 2018 for a monthly meeting voting in new members, Tabitha Smith and Stephen Lester, both owners of local companies.

The officers were restructured and those voted in were: Fred Howell, Chairman, Greg Goff - Vice Chairman, John Wilkinson - Treasurer, and Gayle Morgan, Secretary.

Two of our members, Corey Davenport (previous Chairman) and David Vance recently provided their resignation and the IDB is grateful for their service to the community and the businesses they helped during their tenure.

The following members consist of the current IDB of Cannon County and we look forward to serving our local businesses, working with our governmental agencies and citizens to improve our infrastructure and continue to provide industry and business for our citizens: Fred Howell, Greg Goff, John Wilkinson, Gayle Morgan, Clark Hollis, Sean Harwood, Nathan Luna, Tabitha Smith, and Stephen Lester.