Cannon County Collects For Flood Victims


Cannon County Collects For Flood Victims

From left, Chrissy Burton, Marilyn Williams and Emily Martin prepare items to take to flood victims Wednesday.
Dillion Street Baptist Church members Chrissy Burton and Emily Martin couldn't just sit back and watch as homes and businesses were destroyed by record-setting floods in Middle Tennessee. They decided to do what they could to help. They formed Cannon County Flood Relief.

"We sat watching the TV just in shock," Emily Martin Said. "We wished there was something we could do." The girls noticed that no large-scale collection effort was taking place in Cannon County. "The schools weren't doing it, none of the other churches were doing it that we knew of."

"It was surprising how so many people got involved so quickly," Chrissy Burton said. Collection organizers wish to thank Family Dollar, Millennium, the Senior Center, and Annie Reed who has extended the effort into McMinnville.

Cannon County Flood Relief is collecting non-perishable foods, clothes, and other essentials at several locations including Dillion Street Baptist, Lions Den Pizza, and the Dollar General Market. They will also be glad to pick up donations. Contact Emily Martin at (615) 563-7189 or Chrissy Burton at (615) 563-5762 for more information.