Burnett, Woodbury Police Chief, Still Hospitalized

Woodbury Police Chief Tony Burnett remained hospitalized in Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro Saturday.

Burnett was hospitalized earlier this week suffering from pneumonia of both lungs and an infection.

Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick said Saturday that the pneumonia has been cleared, but symptoms of the infection remain.

Patrick said an infectious disease specialist had been called in to assess the situation with the infection, which is causing Burnett to run a high fever.

Although Burnett has been in the hospital all week, Patrick said he has been in good spirits and other than the infection is in relatively good condition now.

Burnett also remains in contact and in control of the police department, and is staying in constant contact with Assistant Police Chief Darrell Young. Young said at mid-morning Friday that "he's already called me six times today."

Patrick said that as soon as the infection clears and Burnett's temperature is back to normal, he anticipates the chief will be back in the job immediately.