Broken Down Truck Winds Up Missing

A man's truck broke down. He left it in a nearby driveway. Now it's missing.

Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Seth Perry was dispatched to 1283 Myrtle Road on Aug. 5 to take a report of a stolen vehicle.

Upon arrival he spoke with Michael Butcher, the owner of a 1981 GMC Sierra, gray in color, with blue flames on the hood.

Butcher stated that his truck had broken down at the intersection of Cove Hill Rd. and Hollow Springs Rd. and that he left it parked in the driveway at 2278 Hollow Springs.

Butcher added he left the truck there with the property owner's consent on Aug. 2. He first noticed the truck was gone on Aug. 4. He said he had no idea as to whom may have taken the truck.

Deputy Perry went to 2278 Hollow Springs spoke with the resident, Dustin Rogers. Rogers also said he didn't know who took the truck and had not seen anyone near where it had been sitting.