Boxer Bites: Parker’s Pooches Pounce On Deputy

A Cannon County Sheriff’s deputy is recovering from injuries sustained after being attacked by two dogs Sunday (March 8) while he was investigating an incident at a local residence.

Deputy Steve McMillen responded to 120 Mason St. to assist Woodbury Patrolman Patrick Fann following a report of an intoxicated person at the residence.

Upon arrival Deputy McMillen observed Patrolman Fann walking from the right side of the house to the front door. When he got to the front door, Patrolman Fann was already inside. Deputy McMillen opened the door and asked Patrolman Fann if he was OK. Patrolman Fann stated yes, and that the suspect had run inside the house.

Deputy McMillen entered the residence to assist Patrolman Fann in the search. As they were searching, Patrolman Fann went upstairs. Deputy McMillen remained at the bottom of the stairs.

As Deputy McMillen turned to look in the room beside the stairs, he saw Dorothy Parker standing outside the back door with two brown Boxer dogs. The dogs had been barking since the officers arrived.

When Deputy McMillen turned to look back up the stairs, one of the dogs attacked the calf of his right leg. Then the other dog jumped up and grabbed his right wrist. After the deputy was able to pull his wrist loose, he reached for his pepper spray and was able to spray the dog attacking his leg.

The second dog let loose of his bite, after which the first dog came at the deputy again. He pepper sprayed that dog in the mouth and then went out the front door.

After exiting the residence, Deputy McMillen advised Cannon County 911 that we was en route to the hospital to be treated for dog bites. While en route he observed his right wrist was bleeding and at the ER he noticed his right leg had scratches and a puncture wound.

While Deputy McMillen was at the ER, Sgt. Randy Neal and Deputy Eric Moss went to120 Mason St.and was advised by Dorothy Parker that the dogs had never been vaccinated. The dogs were taken to the Cannon County Animal Clinic.

Sheriff Darrell Young said this morning that Deputy McMillen is doing OK and that charges against Parker are pending.