Bobby Smith Announces For Re-Election As County Clerk

Bobby Smith Announces For Re-Election As County Clerk
Bobby Smith announces his candidacy for re-election for County Clerk. Smith stated the main objective of this office is to serve the people of Cannon County by giving fast, efficient, and courteous service.

“Our office applied to the State of Tennesee Motor Vehicle Division for a new system allowing us to print titles and accept debit and credit cards in our office, but the State of Tennessee is not accepting any new contracts to print titles so this sytem cannot be implemented without cost to our county. We are currently using computers provided by the State that is no cost to our county and titles are being processed in about two weeks. We strive to operate our office in the most cost efficient manner and always operate within our budget.”

“We try to accommodate people by being open on Saturday morning when nearly every office in the state is closed. We meet you, if necessary, after hours, holidays, etc.”

Bobby is married to the former Betty Womack. They have three children, Cynthia Tenpenny, Al Smith and Lana Jones, seven grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Smith stated he planned to see as many voters as possible but if he fails to see anyone, he wants to take this opportunity to ask for your vote and support in the August 5 election.