Board votes alternatives to football plan


By MIKE WEST, Courier Editor

Taking up an unresolved issue, the Board of Education voted unanimously Monday (June 30) to add two alternatives to bid plans for a new lighting system at CCHS’s football field.

Acting on a motion introduced by board member Bruce Daniel, the panel voted to add a service plan as one option and an increase to 50 candlepower lights as a second option.

Director of Schools Barbara Parker said she had talked with consulting engineer Larry Headla of Facilities System Consultants to ask about potential changes to the bidding process. Headla was agreeable to the additions.

Headla said adding the service agreement was easy but upgrading the lighting to 50 candlepower would require changes in the wiring, Parker said. A service panel would also have to be ungraded. He estimated that would be a $750 increase to his engineering fee.

“He has already made the drawings and he was planning to submit them by Thursday (July 3),” Parker said as she shared an architectural rendering with the board members.

“Now this electrical panel he was talking about, wouldn’t cost much and would be a big help to the concession stand,” Daniel said. “He said the different box would serve the concession stand better,” Daniel said. “And its not that big of a problem.”

Board Chairman Randy Gannon asked the board if they were ready to proceed.

“We need a motion to reconsider,” Gannon said.

Daniel made the motion and Gannon seconded. Voting yes were Daniel, Gannon, Nathan Sanders and Roy Parker.

Daniel then moved to add the options of 50 candlepower lights and a service agreement to the plan. Those motions passed unanimously as well.

Following the votes, Gannon asked the school board to consider adding some additional transportation costs to the budget.

“My biggest worry is kids out there in the street every weekend raising money for transportation costs,” Gannon said. “We need to think about this.”