Blood drive surpasses goal

The American Red Cross Blood Drive for September 19 for Cannon County had a goal of 36 units.  Fifty came out to the Lions Memorial Building to donate.  Forty were able to donate, in which 6 gave double red blood cells giving a total of 46 units collected. 
Cynthia Betts, James P. Davenport, Peter C. Dumas, Gregory A. Fauls, Sandy K. Hollandsworth, and Xavier P. Romero gave double red cells.  Gregory Faults obtained his 1st gallon mark and Herbert C. Haley donated his tenth gallon. 
Those able to donate were:  Annie L. Barton, Timothy L. Bell, Cynthia D. Betts, Ronald F. Born, Christopher E. Brushaber, Joe R. Bryson, Rita F. Cook, Barbara Daingerfield, James P. Davenport, Amanda S. Davis, Allen Wade Duggin, Peter C. Dumas, Hubert W. Duncan, Mary E. Duncan, Tori L. England, Gregory A. Fauls, Anthony M. Ford, Cheryl K. Franklin, Timothy H. Grandey, Herbert C. Haley, Barbara D. Higgins, Patsy M. Hirlston, Sandy K. Hollandsworth, Rainey Hunt, Lorie B. Hunter, Claude D. Jennings, Jennifer M. Johnson, Ronnie Mchaffey, Jim B. McNiel, Gina A. Mitchell, Tracy A. Parker, Vicky L. Patterson, Melissa J. Prater, Lynnetta G. Robinson, Xavier P. Romero, Melody R. Rutledge, Sandra L. Satchell, Kaylie N. Sharrer, Mildred A. Weier, and Howard W. Witty.
The next scheduled Red Cross Blood Drive will be November 21st.  The Woodbury Lions Club wishes to honor Veterans in November and this drive will be a “Stay Strong For Franz” Blood Drive.  All blood collected will be donated in Franz Walkup’s name and hopefully Franz will be on hand to greet all who come to donate.  Please make your calendars now and get ready to roll up your sleeves in November.