Beer Board Defers Action On The Scoreboard


The regular meeting of the beer board met last Tuesday with one request before the board. The new restaurant that is moving into the vacant Ms. Terri restaurant has applied for a beer license under the name of The Scoreboard.

The owners will be Michael and Tracey Kerwin. Mr. Kerwin told the Cannon Courier that his business will seat approximately 50 to 55 persons. He has gutted the building to make room for the tables and booths.

There was a quorum at the meeting but Mayor Harold Patrick wanted action on the license request deferred to a future meeting, whether it be called or the regular October meeting. He wanted the three who were not present at the meeting to be able to hear everything and ask questions before a vote was made.

Those present Tuesday were Clayton Cason, Joanne Davis, Lois Larimer and Harold Patrick. Those absent from the beer board meeting were Vice Mayor Charlie Harrell, Dotty Duggin and Faye Knox.

As there was no further business for the board to discuss the meeting was adjourned.