Awesome News: County Receives Another Courthouse Grant

The revitalization work at the Cannon County Courthouse will continue after the work on the exterior grounds are finished, thanks to a new grant awarded by the State of Tennessee.

Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon announced today that he had received word from State Representative Statton Bone that the county has been approved for a $100,000 grant by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

The grant was written by Neal Appelbaum, who recently wrote an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant for $70,000 which was also approved by ECD.

The $100,000 grant for the county will be used for new energy efficient windows and new energy efficient heating and cooling units for the courthouse, Appelbaum said.

An official announcement of the grant is expected Wednesday, according to Robbie Farmer, Bone's office manager.

"This is just awesome news," Gannon said of the receipt of the grant. "It's something we've been wanting and working on since we received the grant for the outside work.

"By making our use of energy more efficient, we will be saving the taxpayers of Cannon County money, and doing more to save our environment," Gannon added.