Audit Committee To Report To Commissioners Aug. 14

Commission Meeting 08-14-2012 at 600 P.M.

Cannon County Courthouse

County Clerk Bobby Smith will open the meeting.

• Prayer and Pledge

• Roll Call- Bobby Smith

• Summary of last meeting's minutes.

• Commissioner Higgins requests Faye Morse to bring her budget before the Commission. Commissioner Bush requests the rest of the equipment list from EMA.

• The Audit Committee Report will be presented to the Commission. Committee chairman will be available for questions.

• Approve Appropriations for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

• Set tax rate for the fiscal year 2012/2013.

• Readdress the pay per meeting of the Commissioners.

• Mrs. Audrey Cawthorn wants to address the commissioners about Historic Hollow Springs Community

• Discuss Capital Outlay for Patrol cars for the Sheriff’s Department.

• Other Business

• Adjournment