Annual Princess Ball March 25

The 9th Annual Princess Ball, presented by the Woodbury Lions Club, is nearly here with advanced tickets now available for the Friday, March 25 event.

Presented by the Woodbury Lions Club, the Princess Ball is a traditional father and daughter dance. It is open to girls 18 years old and younger accompanied by their father or a father figure including grandfathers, uncles or older brothers. All escorts must be 18 or older.

Advance tickets are $25 per couple with $10 for each additional girl the escort brings. For example, a dad accompanying his two daughters. Due to limited space, only escorts and their dates will be allowed to attend.

The Princess Ball is a dress-up event with girls wearing dressy, semi-formal or princess attire. Their escorts are expected to dress-up as well.

Call 615-563-2222 or 615-542-6970 for more information.