American Legion visits Franz Walkup

American Legion Post 279 Commander, Bobby Ferrell and wife Amy drove to Washington, D.C., recently to visit with Franz Walkup at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Franz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Walkup III of Woodbury. He is the brother to Frank B. Walkup IV who gave his life for this great country while serving in Iraq.

The good people of Cannon County owe a great deal of gratitude to these two hometown heroes. Franz told Commander Ferrell that as soon as he returns to Woodbury he intends to join American Legion Post 279 and be a Legionnaire.

Franz told Amy Ferrell to come and give him a big hug. He said in his family, we hug to show our appreciation.

In the attached picture, also visiting with Franz, is Woodbury native, Ethan Curtis, United States Marine Corps, stationed at Fort Myers, Va. Ethan is the son Carol Davis, President of Post 279 Ladies Auxiliary Unit 279.

Also pictured is Chelsea Gillentine, United States Navy stationed at Bethesda Naval Air Station, Maryland, who works at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Commander Ferrell is kneeling next to Franz. Check out that smile that Franz is sending to all of us in Cannon County. God bless Franz and his wife Shannon and the entire Walkup Family.

Franz our prayers are with you.