American Legion Post #279 News


Our meeting on August 18, 2011 was preceded by a truly outstanding meal prepared by the ladies of the Auxiliary.

Our meetings are now action-packed with special programs and special guest speakers. All of the business details are handled at a separate meeting of the Executive Board which consist of all of the officers on the Post #279 staff. This way members and staff can enjoy a sit down dinner and socialize with friends and family. And, at our regular meeting, members and staff can enjoy the special program and special guest speakers for that evening.

A veteran approached me the other day and said that they would join the American Legion Post #279, but he just didn't want to come and hear a bunch of old men talk about their experiences, and be around a bar, with drinking and dancing and smoking.  I said, you have come to the right place. We don't have a bunch of old men. We have young men and women veterans from all of the Service Branches.

Our Commander is a young Marine who in my book is "Cracker Jack," they don't get any better. All of our elected and appointed officers are in the same category, truly outstanding in every respect. All of our members are hard charging and willing to help out where ever the need arises. And, our Auxiliary members are dedicated, caring, hard working, and a truly an outstanding compliment to the American Legion Post #279. I also said, that we do not have a bar, and we don't plan on ever having a bar. We don't drink or serve alcoholic beverages. There is no dancing and there is no smoking.

Some of the ladies in the Auxiliary bring their children to the meal and to their meetings. Some of our members bring their spouses to the meal and the meetings.

We are a service oriented organization, focused on serving and helping our local veterans, their families, their
spouses, their children with whatever need they have. We are focused on doing good things for our community — Boys State and Girls State. Making a great community, even better.

We need your help to make American Legion Post #279 an organization that we can all be proud of and proud to be part of. Come on out and give us a chance to show you a professional organization, with good and caring leaders and members. We need a few good men and women.

And don't forget ---


Hosted By: The American Legion, Hilton Stone Post #279
WHERE: Cannon County Courthouse Square Woodbury, Tn., 37190
WHAT: Backyard BBQ cook-off (Chichen and Ribs), Blue Grass/Country music, Craft Booth's and much more.
TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Jim Stone