Alleged Drunk Driver Had Young Son In Car

Thomas Avent Muncy, 919 South McCrary St., Woodbury, was charged with Driving Under The Influence, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia and Violation of the Seat Belt law on Jan. 2 by Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Al Seitner.

The trooper stopped Muncy’s vehicle on State Route 53 after he observed the driver, Muncy, was not wearing a seat belt.

With speaking with Muncy, Trooper Seitner observed Muncy was allegedly under the influence. Muncy allegedly performed poorly on all field sobriety tests administered to him.

Muncy had in his possession, inside his coat, a glass pipe which contained residue, a metal pipe which contained residue, a syringe and a bottle cap which contained residue.

Bond was set at $3,000. Initial court date is Jan. 24.

Muncy had his 3-year-old son with him in the vehicle was he was stopped.