All-Stars Win Grand Championship

All-Stars Win Grand Championship

Front Row: Austin Duggin, Maika Fonoti, Brandon Hastings, Chandler Todd, Jared Judkins. Back Row: Josh Williams, Peyton Rudisill, Eldon Resko, Sam Schau, Cole Barnes, Tucker Francis. Jeff Todd, coach for the All Star team.
The Cannon County 9-10 year old All-Star Team played in the Tennessee Youth Baseball Association (TYBA) State Championship Tournament this past weekend and took home the Grand Championship Trophy.

On Friday night the All-Stars took on Buchanan with Tucker Francis pitching the first two innings providing a total of three strike outs. Next Chandler Todd took the mound for one inning and came up with one strike out. To finish the game Austin Duggin pitched and provided one strike out as well. Offensive batting for the All-Stars provided 17 runs for the team as follows: Jared Judkins 2; Sam Schau 3; Chandler Todd 3; Josh Williams 3; Cole Barnes 1; Peyton Rudisill 1; Maika Fonoti 1; Austin Duggin 2; and Brandon Hastings 1. The team won with a 17-5 victory.

The All-Stars moved to the Saturday round and faced South Hills from Antioch. Peyton Rudisill was the pitcher for this entire game and provided 4 strike outs during the 4 inning game. The team had 16 runs during the game as follows: Jared Judkins 2; Sam Schau 2; Chandler Todd 3; Josh Williams 3; Tucker Francis 1; Cole Barnes 1; Peyton Rudisill 1; Austin Duggin 1; Brandon Hastings 1; and Eldon Resko 1. The team won 16-8.

The second Saturday game had the All-Stars facing the Shelbyville All-Stars in which the team came up one run short, but played the most exciting game spectators had watched. The young gentlemen gave it their all. Pitching for the All-Stars was Tucker Francis for three innings providing 5 strike-outs and Chandler Todd for 3 innings providing 5 strike-outs as well. Runs for the team where: Austin Duggin 1 and Peyton Rudisill 1. Based on this game the All-Stars were placed in the number 2 slot for the Single Championship rounds.

On Sunday morning, playing in hot and humid weather, the All-Stars faced Jabiru from Shelbyville. Pitching for the game was Peyton Rudisill with 3 strike-outs. Team runs consisted of: Jared Judkins 2; Sam Schau 2; Chandler Todd 3; Josh Williams with 2 inside the park home runs and a total of 3 runs; Tucker Francis 1; Cole Barnes 1; Austin Duggin 1; Peyton Rudisill 2; and Eldon Resko 1.

The All-Stars moved on in the championship bracket to face Lynchburg under still hot and humid weather. This was by far one of the most exciting and intense games the fans from Cannon County watched. The All-stars were down in the bottom of the sixth inning 3-6 and this was time to get it done or go home. The team rallied to the occasion with Cole Barnes starting the team off with a hit to right field to get on base. Brandon Hastings came up to bat and slammed one to center field to get a double and move Cole Barnes to Third Base. Next Jared Judkins hit to right field and provided Cole Barnes and Brandon Hastings to get across home plate. Maika Fonoti came in for Sam Schau and hit a slam to right field and moved Jared Judkins around the bases. Next came Josh Williams to provide his second out of the park home run of the game and moved the team to an 8-6 victory over Lynchburg. Tucker Francis started the team off pitching 4 innings with 3 strike-outs and Chandler Todd followed with 2 innings which produced 4 strike-outs. Runs for the team where: Jared Judkins 1; Sam Schau 1; Josh Williams two over the fence 200-feet home runs for a total of 3 game runs; Cole Barnes 1; Brandon Hastings 1, and Maika Fonoti 1 run.

At the end of the game, the skies opened up and everyone ran for shelter. Canopies and everything went blowing and we all became soaking wet. We Google the nearest laundry mat to dry clothes, socks and cleats. We were quite the site entering the Sports Laundry Mat in Murfreesboro, but the boys and parents took it in stride with lots of bare feet!

Finally, the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation and TYBA declared the fields playable and the Championship game started at 7:00 p.m., with the Cannon County All-Stars facing the Christiana Crushers. Chandler Todd was the pitcher for the first 4 innings and provided 7 strike outs. Tucker Francis finished the game with 1 strike out. Outstanding plays were made by all team members with catching of a straight line drive by Sam Schau, pop-ups by Chandler Todd and outstanding throwing by Peyton Rudisill, Austin Duggin, Eldon Resko, Maika Fonoti, Jared Judkins, Cole Barnes, Tucker Francis, and catching by Josh Williams. The awesome team took down the Christian Crushers and sent the team to the Championship Circle under the threat of more serve thunderstorms with a 2-0 victory. Runs for the team came from Chandler Todd and Josh Williams.

We would like to thank the young gentlemen of this team for giving the fans a wonderful weekend of exciting and rewarding baseball. Also, a big thank you to the coaching staff of: Manager, Bryan Francis, Coaches, Wade Duggin, Jeremy Judkins, and Marshall Williams.

Congratulations All-Stars on a Great Championship! We the parents, grandparents, coaches and fans are so very proud to call you our Cannon County 9-10 Year Old All-Stars and TYBA State Champions.