A letter to citizens of Cannon County


To the editor,

I felt it necessary to write a letter to the Citizens of Cannon County regarding a recent campaign mail out. This mail out contains many inaccurate, misleading and false statements.

Anyone who thinks my office could blatantly disregard a State Law and the Comptroller’s Office not pursue action, has no knowledge or understanding of how the Comptroller’s Office operates.

Taking statements out of context is not only misleading, it borders dishonesty. My office has always been open and accessible to every citizen of Cannon County. Along with myself, I have two outstanding assistants who are available to answer any questions.

Again, I invite anyone with questions about County Government to visit my office or call me to discuss at 563-2320. I promised the citizens of Cannon County at the beginning of this campaign I would not participate in a vicious, spiteful or slanderous campaign. I will live up to my promise and again confirm my pledge to run a positive, respectful and honest campaign. Again, I would like to thank you for your kindness, encouragement and support during my campaign.

Mike Gannon