4-H Clubs Gearing Up For Public Speaking Contest


As most of you know, November is the public speaking month here in Cannon County. Currently the local or classroom contests are going on in conjunction with the monthly November 4-H club meetings.  

The county contest will be held on Tuesday, December 6th at West Side Elementary School with registration beginning at 6 and the contest beginning at 6:30 p.m. Please remember that everyone is invited to compete in the county public speaking contest.

If you have not already had your local or classroom contest, please remember that there is no assigned topic. Please refer you your 4-H yearbook for all the rules, tips, and suggestions. Don’t forget that all county contest participants will receive awards and the top two will receive the honor of competiting and the Sub-Regional Contest, which will be held in Murfreesboro in January.

Don’t forget that there will be no 4-H club meetings in the schools during the month of December; however we will resume in January with the electric demonstration contest.

Service Project

As many of you remember, each fall we conduct a service project with the Woodbury Nursing Center. Historically, this has occurred during the month of December, however, this year we are going to be conducting our service project with the nursing center on Tuesday, November 15th we will meet at the 4-H office at 5:00 to put together goodie bags and deliver them to the nursing home at 6:30.

Although this is typically an honor club event we invite any other 4-H members who are interested to come on out and participate with us. This is a great opportunity to participate in a project that will benefit you as much as those we are helping.
4-H Homeschool

The next meeting of the 4-H Homeschool Club will be held Friday, November 18th at the Woodbury Lions Club building beginning at 1:00 p.m. instead of the traditional 4th Friday of the month due to the Thanksgiving holiday. This is public speaking month for our Homeschool group as well, as mentioned earlier; please refer to your yearbook for time limits, rules and suggestions.