2010-2011 FFA Officer Team On The Move

Amelia Higgins, FFA Reporter

2010-2011 FFA Officer Team On The Move

The Woodbury officers: (L to R) Zach Melton, Chris Fleming, Devan Brown, Molly Arnold, Amber Alexander, Brittney Patterson, Courtney Barrett, Casey Willard, Allison Higgins, Ryan Haley, Ashley Greenwood, Kevin Reed, and Amelia Higgins.
On June 15-17, the Woodbury FFA officer team traveled to Kelso, TN for Leadership on the River.

Five chapters attended this event, which was scheduled for many reasons such as encouraging and teaching how to be good leaders to the new officers, exchanging ideas, bonding with the officer team, and simply to have some summer fun!

Many things were done to accomplish these purposes. Members of the same office from different chapters held classes to ensure that they knew the things that should be done in their office.

The Woodbury chapter held a meeting to discuss matters such as involvement in contests, goals, and plans of the upcoming year. Everyone enjoyed sharing social activities such as canoeing nine miles on the Elk River and camping out on the riverbank.

Bonding was very important to this event — whether it was the team building games or just sitting around by the tents, this was indeed accomplished. New friends, new ideas, new skills, and a newly developed officer team resulted from the trip. This trip was well worth it.