10 Questions

10 Questions | 10 questions

CCHS senior girls' soccer player Baylee Nemeth

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo
Favorite Sport to Watch on TV: Women's Soccer
Favorite Team: FC Barcelona
Favorite Part about playing for Cannon County: It is the fan base, because we have a lot of support. It is a real good place to be around.
Favorite Subject: English
Future Career Goal: Criminology
Favorite Athlete: Hope Solo
Biggest Influence: My Parents
Favorite TV show and movie: Friends and Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Favorite Author: John Green

CCMS Eighth-Grade Football Player Wade Love
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Favorite Sport to Watch on TV: Football
Favorite Team: Miami Dolphins
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite part about playing for Cannon County: Competition
Future Career Goal: Play in the NBA
Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning
Biggest Influence: My Dad
Favorite Type of Music: Rock
Favorite Band: Five Finger Death Punch